Tango Argentino, the art of dancing

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Tangokoulu on suomen ensimmäinen argentiinalaiseen tangoon erikoistunut tanssikoulu

John Krook on ehdottomasti pioneeri argentiinalaisen tangon saapumisessa suomeen. Hän aloitti argentiinalaisen tangon opintonsa Pariisissa vuonna 1992 Lin Nannin johdolla ja rakastui lajiin. Hän aloitti tanssimisen ja esiintymisen Hanna Korpelan kanssa, joka on edelleen yksi Tangokoulun opettajista.

Hanna Korpela siirtyi argentiinalaisen tangon pariin Johnin houkuttelemana myös vuonna 1992. Hanna on tanssinut sitä ennen mm. flamencoa.

Nina Krook aloitti argentiinalaisen tangon opinnot noin vuonna 1993 New Yorkissa , ensimmäisenä opettajanaan Jorge Torres. Nina on tanssinut kilpatanssia 7- vuotiaasta lähtien, suorittanut 10-tanssin kotimaisen ammatitutkinnon sekä kansainvälisen IDTA- latin member tutkinnon Lontoossa.

Tangokoulun opettajat ovat esiintyneet ja opettaneet jo lähes 30vuotta suomessa ja ulkomailla, sekä tuottaneet omia produktioitaan teatteriin.


Passion for Tango
Nina Krook, John Krook and Hanna Korpela have danced  all their lives.
When they concentrated on Argentinean Tango in the beginning of  the1990s there had hardly  been any Argentinean Tango in Helsinki for decades. 
In Finland they have created several performances, including Siempre Tango based on Astor Piazzolla´s Tango Nuevo.
Nina, John and Hanna have teached and performed in several countries, not only attended The Paris-Banlieues Tango Festival, 3. International London Tango Festival and Campionato del Mondo Tango Argentino in Rimini Italy 2003 (7. prize) but also in Sweden, Norway and Estonia.
At home they have been a part of  Helsinki Festivals, Kausitinen Folk Music Festival, Kuopio Dance Festival and Sata-Häme Music Festival.
In 2006 Nina and John represented Finland in the Tango Dance World Championships in Buenos Aires in the category of stage tango. 
2009 John and Nina  danced their coreographies in ”Tango Roto” based on Johanna Juhola´s modern Finnish tango.
November 2009 they performed again in London International Tango Festival. 
November 2010 John and Nina performad in TV in Dancing With the Stars of Finland.
Today they are teaching in their own dance school, TANGOKOULU, and around Finland and abroad.


Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, September 12-13 & 18-20.2009

Sello Hall, Espoo, December 4th 2010

TANGO ROTO is a modern Finnish tango show which tells a story of a life; a story of how

nothing is enough while we’re aiming at perfection. And a story of how in the end, in the

middle of this chaos, we understand the beauty of simple things and their perfection.

The coreography of Tango Roto is made by the very best of Argentinian tango in Finland

Nina and John Krook. Their joined on stage by Euro Dance Contest and British Open Rising

Star winners Jussi Väänänen and Katja Koukkula as well as dancer Daniel Suominen.

The music is played by Johanna Juhola Reaktori orchester whose music is composed for

this show by Johanna Juhola as well as Milla Viljamaa. Johanna Juhola has won the

International Astor Piazzolla competition twice and has composed modern tango to eg. the

opening number of Eurovision song contest 2007.

The visual image of the show is based on the photos of Janne Mikkilä. Mikkilä is known as a

visionary photographer who works with mainly with marketing. He has also a strong

reputation as a travel photographer. The visual image of the show is directed by Valo


The form of Tango Roto will be given a finishing touch by Minna Vainikainen who has

directed various shows which have been praised for their freshness of thinking eg. in Qteatteri

(Helsinki), at the Savonlinna Opera Festival as well as the Eurovision song contest

interlude in 2007 with cello quartet Apocalyptica as its stars.

The group behind Tango Roto was granted financial support from Suomen Kulttuurirahasto,

Helsingin Kulttuurikeskus, ESEK and Luses to make this production possible.

Siempre TangoPerformance Inspired by Astor Piazzolla´s Tango Nuevo

 Coreography and Dance: Nina Krook, Hanna Korpela & John Krook Novjaro Quintet: Johanna Juhola, Noa Nakai, Erno Eklund, Julius Pyrhönen & Arttu Kataja Vocal: Mikko Vihma


Johanna Juhola (accordion) and Milla Viljamaa (piano) are urban fusion-folk musicians of the young generation. They began their collaboration at the Folk Music Department of the Sibelius Academy where they both continue to study in 2001. Most of the pieces at this moment are by Astor Piazzolla and Johanna Juhola. Overall the duo´s repertoire does not have an overriding theme or any special restrictions to what they perform: the duo´s idiosyncratic arranging and performing style merges influences from tango nuevo, jazz and the folk music of various countries. There is also room for variation and improvisation.

In october 2002 the duo acchieved signifigant recognition by winning the International ”Città di Castelfidardo” Award Astor Piazzolla Music Section. Johanna and Milla have also been appearing together with ´Tango Princess´ Kukka-Maaria Ahonen under the name Las Chicas del Tango since 2002.

Duo´s first album ”Piazzolla Passage” was released by Warner Music Finlandia Records in November 2003.